Networking Tasmania

Networking Tasmania

Netmode is passionate about our success as a homegrown, highly skilled Tasmanian digital services company. We support the development of a strong and innovative local ICT economy and we’re proud to have been appointed as a provider under the Networking Tasmania initiative.

About Networking Tasmania

Networking Tasmania is a Tasmanian state government initiative designed to safeguard the government’s information assets and IT applications, and secure information flows within organisations and to the public. Networking Tasmania has the objective of helping Tasmanian organisations achieve:

-Secure ‘anytime anywhere’ access to information and ICT services

-Safeguarded sharing of information and technologies across partnering organizations.

Tasmanian Government agencies, Government Business Enterprises, statutory authorities, state-owned companies, local government authorities, private schools and hospitals, and a range of other government-funded and not-for-profit non-government organisations are eligible to use Networking Tasmania services.

Networking Tasmania III (NTIII) is the third iteration of the initiative.

NetmodeProvide three key services:

Connection Services

Connection services are end-to-end managed wide area network (WAN) services, connecting sites to other sites and to the network core.

Data Centre as a Service

DCaaS services are secure, robust data centre facilities in Tasmania, where customers can locate their own or their suppliers’ computing infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service

Including Platform as a Service, Database as a Service, and Backup as a Service.

IaaS services involve deployment and maintenance of computing infrastructure, where customers can host their information and applications with higher-layer service options.

Contact the Networking Tasmania team at the Department of Premier and Cabinet on 1800 255 505 or email to find out how Vastnet NTIII services can help your organisation.

  • Connection Services
  • Data Centre as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • On-island data security
  • Local support and advice

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